Sunday, 14 April 2013

How did we get to Easter so quick!

Where has the time gone? My Anoukie Poekie is 17 months already and Silke is turning 7 in a few weeks time!
Mieke started Year 6 and was chosen to be vice house captain!We've had an exciting time so far this year:
Silke started at her new school which she enjoys but they work really hard! She just had her Easter themed 7th birthday party and it was great and at least It was really easy to organise as the shops are filled with Easter stuff.
Here is the bunny butt cake I made for Silke - looks impressive but really easy especially as I used per bought flowers and eggs and a wooden bunny for her to keep. We had lots of fun creating this party!
Hubby spent a lot of time in Singapore but is home at last, for a while.
And my baby is walking, running and talking! She says about 50 words and animal sounds and is starting to say short sentences, for example: 'Anouk what are you doing?', then she'd say: 'I doing.'
Okay it's not really a sentence but clever that she knows to use 'I'!
She still wakes at night and prefers to sleep in my bed. Oh well...

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