Monday, 6 August 2012

Three months later and I need some SLEEP!

I really need to go to bed now, but I know I won't get any sleep so why waste time trying?

Because since Anouk learnt to crawl at nearly 8 months, she's forgotten how to sleep.  Where she had a three hour continuous daytime nap and even though it took her ages to fall asleep she slept  all night, it has unfortunately changed for the worse...

She wakes three times before I go to bed and then often during the night.  Sometimes Werner can soothe her, most of the time she just screams until I breastfeed her. The worst is that she used to wake up with me about 8am.  But now starts being really wakeful from about 5am - I am not a morning person.

But she is such a cute baby, I forgive her every morning when I see her smile with her two bottom teeth and her spit drewling over my face!!

We are truly blessed.  We had our first little holiday with Anouk near Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road and even though it was winter we had a wonderful time.  Australian nature at it's best - deserted.

The girls swam in the sea, found beautiful shells, saw koalas and a wallaby and just chilled.  Anouk kept us on our toes though as she is pulling herself up on everything and puts everything she sees into her mouth, but it was still beautiful and relaxing.

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