Monday, 20 January 2014


Anouk is 26 months and o my word.  I thought I had my hands full the last time I blogged but now...

Well the good thing is that she is eating a bit better.  Doesn't eat much at breakfast, or really lunch, but is starting to like her dinner.  She asks for dinner at breakfast time.  Or an icy pole.  Or an ice cream.  She wants everything she can't have and always rejects any choices offered to her.  At the moment she loves croissants!  I used to be able to get her to sit still in her pram for 20 minutes by feeding her croissants.  Unfortunately the novelty has worn off so that doesn't work anymore!  She loves 'vleisie' (meat) and eats cucumber, grapes and watermelon.  She always asks for apples which we peel for her and of course then she won't touch it.  Same with bananas.  But yes we are getting there with eating although her all time favourite is still Mama milky!  Always asks me to 'Come and sit on the bank' (couch) with her so she can have some.

She also talks.  A lot!  But having two big sisters who argue all the time her the things she is learning won't go down well when making friends I think.  Like 'shut up' and 'what's wrong with you?' and of course 'leave me alone!'  She also likes pushing other children and then telling us all about it, it's a little bit funny but starting to worry me.  Maybe at pre-school this will be sorted!

She is also into everything.  It is virtually impossible to get anything done with her around except when she is watching tv.  We try to be patient and include her in things.  But usually she just grabs whatever anyone has and a) runs away with it; b) breaks it; c) throws it.  So now playing games or lego or tidying rooms when she's around.  Well the last one is what the girls tell me, who am I to say it's not true.

She is physically very active and her favourite activity is running away from me in public places.  As fast as she can and then throwing tantrums if I dare try and restrain her in any way.  Or try to be mean and hold her hand.  Let's just say I haven't ever gone grocery shopping with her.

At home she loves jumping on the 'trampolina' as she named our trampoline or riding on her scooter.  But she can't turn yet.  So we don't venture out yet with her scooter because a ten minute trip to the park takes an hour.  At home she also likes to run around the car when I try to get her in and sometimes just for fun dashes into the road.  Once we were all inside the house and I heard the front door slamming and the little madam came running to me saying she went into the road.  She was very proud of her misadventure.  Me not so much.

But yes even though she drives us all nuts she is the most adorable little thing.  Her cuteness totally overrides her naughtiness but sometimes I do have to remind myself, so here are all the cute things she does and says:

  • 'Mummy I lub you to moon a back!'
  • One day when I had just woken up she said my hair looked beautiful.  It really didn't!
  • When she was smaller she used to call her blankie fleewie.  Now she calls it wankie. LOL!
  • She is always nagging for 'dum'.  We later realized it was gum!
  • She always wants to wear a 'beautiful dress' and loves putting on her sisters' clothes over her own.  So usually she can be found wandering around with an oversized t-shirt or skirt on!
  • She can count to 10!  She learnt this by playing hide and seek with her sisters.
  • She sings twinkle twinkle little star and Itsy wipsy spider.  And 'Tiger, Tiger, you're gonna hear me roar!' In her cute way.  She also sings and loves 'Skinni Marinki' which coincidentally was the only song which calmed her down when she cried in the car when she was a baby.  But now she throws such massive tantrums if we don't keep playing it over and over we try to avoid playing it!
  • She loves books and tries to read them by herself sometimes.  Her favourites are 'Walking in the Jungle', 'The very Hungry Caterpillar', 'Babalela', and 'Room on the broom' (the last one is my favourite too!

This is our little spunky Anouk.  Who keeps us on our toes and humble.  Every day.