Sunday, 14 April 2013

Happy 7th Birthday my sweet Silke

My dear Silke, I can't believe you are seven already. Who would have thought my baby would be so big and also a great big sister!
You are very brave and I am amazed at how well you settled at your new school this year, like you did last year... And the year before! Hopefully this is it my child and you'll stay put at this school because even though you smile and chatter I know it can't be easy to start over again and again. But we are having so much fun here in Melbourne as a family, like the hot springs today!
I feel I have lost you a bit recently, with Mieke in her last year of primary school and Anouk keeping me on my toes. I am sorry because the less attention you get the more you do stuff to attract attention and it's a vicious circle I really need to stop. You and Mieke fight a lot but you are such a wonderful big sister to Anouk - you two play so nicely together and I appreciate it very much. I hope we can reconnect because you are my baby, you look like me and we even have a birthmark on the same spot.

You are an ace at karate and regularly practise your karate kicks on Mieke and Daddy! You recently started dance classes and once you gain confidence I'm sure you'll love it.
You have an incredible imagination and your talented drawings depict that. You still love your littlest pet shops and use them in your imaginary games. You love movies and watching television a bit too much though! Your asthma is so much better since we moved to Australia which is great.
You make friends within minutes with your outgoing nature although you have a small heart and can get hurt just as quickly.
I love you so much and will make sure to spend time with you on your own this year and hopefully we'll be able to get a dog for you soon!

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