Friday, 26 April 2013

I miss my husband

So Mr Nel is in Singapore again for three weeks and it's only day 5 and it feels like weeks.  I really miss him.

I miss that he puts my Anzac biscuits in a jar so they stay crispy.  I miss my coffee and biscuits in bed.  I miss that he takes the girls to school so I can take my time getting ready with Anouk.  I miss that he cleans up after me and empties the bins and cleans the car.  I miss that he baths Anouk every second night and that he plays tickle karate with the older ones.

These things shouldn't really be the things I miss.  Of course I miss having him around and spending time with him and I'm pretty lonely in the evenings without his company - even though that meant sitting next to him while he watches the latest war movie!

He doesn't get this but for me the things you do for someone is the way you show love.  So I feel I give love when I prepare a nice meal for him.  And I receive love when he does all the things he does.  And I realize this when he's not here to do them...

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