Friday, 31 December 2010

My most booooring Christmas holiday ever...

Well firstly Silke got ill with flu on the last week of school.  I took her to school, watched her coughing through her school play (luckily she was a sheep!), went home, school rang just before 12:00, went back, Silke insists on have her Christmas lunch, patient mummy hangs around for an hour waiting, take her home, go back to fetch Mieke, take Mieke to Kumon, drop her off at neighbour, took Silke to GP, GP says to go to hospital, drive to hospital in an hour due to snow blizzard, paed says she's okay - get home after 8:00pm.

On Friday I leave Silke with my neighbour, take Mieke to school and present her teacher with his leaving present.  Ask a friend to pick Mieke up from school as it starts to snow heavily.  She finds a feverish Mieke sleeping under the table.

So far it doesn't sound that boring though this was just the start.  Over the weekend I also start getting ill, so all three of us end up with shivering with really high fevers.  So the next three weeks of the Christmas holiday we spend either in bed or laying about lazily reading or watching TV.  We only went out shopping for Christmas lunch and to watch Despicable Me (fabulous!).  And to travel to Maidenhead by train to do our visa medicals.  Luckily the girls seemed to enjoy their presents and its still keeping them busy.

Its the first of January and nothing much has changed - we are better but still coughing daily and lounging about.  At least we are getting plenty of rest.  Though not really as its 01:36 and I'm still awake - aaaarrrggghh!!

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