Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy 2011 - things can only get better...

I've had my first good luck of 2011 - I did not end up in the loo at 12:00 am.  I nearly did - at 11:55 I had the urge to go and nearly nearly missed the countdown, but luckily I made it back to the lounge in time to watch the countdown on BBC1 with Werner and Mieke.  And have a glass of Prosecco (the English are very specific about the name of these things - I dare not call it champagne, though we did have real champagne at Christmas).

So its a good start.

But let me reflect on 2010 - to be honest it was not what I call a good year, not too terrible but not good either, rather mediocre:

My worst for 2010:
1. Snow when we got back from Cape Town in January, snow in February (I don't like snow.)

2. Silke ending up in hospital with pneumonia in March and diagnosed with ashtma which still causes me huge anxiety.

3. My friend's husband dying in October.

4. My other friends' partner left her.

5. My other friend left her husband.

6. Due to the economy we cannot sell our house for what we paid for it 3 years ago.

7. Australian exchange rate went from £1,60 to 60 pence - NOT GOOD.

8. Silke started school and I miss her.

9. I'm still in limbo and I'm starting to feel... old.

10. Snow and the coldest December on record.


1. We had a great holiday in South Africa and loved spending time with friends and family (well that was actually last year but it ended this year).

2. Mieke did really well in school and is in the 'gifted and talented' group for reading and writing.

3. We had a fantastic holiday in Le Marche, Italy and another amazing one in Amsterdam and Efteling, Holland - we are so lucky.

4. Our Australian visa application starting moving again at the end of the year and we are holding thumbs for a visa soon.

5. We had some great weekends away in the UK - on a farm on the Isle of Wight, London for Werner's birthday.

6.  Werner and I had our first night away for years on our own in London at the fabulous Chancery Court Hotel - it really was amazing (thanks to my mum in law Antoinette for babysitting).  We saw Colin Firth & Helen Boham Carter, saw a movie, had dinner at the most romantic restaurant and had fun shopping - on OUR OWN!

7.  My neighbour and friend is pregnant with her second baby.

8.  Even though its sad that my girls are growing up so quickly, we are having such fun as a family and growing closer together.

9.  Even though we don't have any family close by we are blessed with a network of friends who are always there to help out if I need them.

10.  Although the economy is down in the dumps it has not really affected us in our day to day life - touch wood...

So we have a lot to be thankful for.
Thank You.

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