Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Aussie Aussie Oi Oi (cringe cringe)

We got our Australian Visas!!!  On the 14th January 2011 - precisely 1 year and 1 day after application.

We got it thanks to me.  Thank you Claudine.  For firing your migation agent and deciding you can do a better job on your own.  For getting all the unabridged documents.  For organising the skills assesment and IELTS tests.  For writing the IELTS tests.  For applying for South African and UK PCCs and ringing Pretoria on a daily basis to find out how much longer its going to take.  For filling in millions of forms.  For keeping up to date with all the changes happening with immigration.  For making appointments for medicals and getting us all there on time in the snow.  For keeping contact with our case office and scanning and emailing the documents the moment we got them.  Thank you Claudine, without me we would not have gotten this far.  I don't think anyone else in the family really gets what a job this was which is why I take it upon myself to thank.. myself.

BUT  we are all on board now.  Silke want a big house with a pool and a DOG.  And she hates school with a passion and enquires about spring every day.  I want the same.  Mieke wants to live near the beach and learn to boogy board.  Werner is fed up with his job and wants a change.  For the first time we ALL want the same thing - AUSTRALIA.  And the UK media is bombarding us with Phil Downunder and Wanted Downunder and cute little adverts of a landrover driving as fast as the kangaroos around it can hop is not doing us any favours.  We want it NOW!

So bring it on Australia - we are ready!!!

PS:  If anyone can find my hubbie a top management consultant job in Australia which pays... A LOT... please feel free to contact me!!


Ani said...


Manlief het poste, maar hy kry nerens mense nie. Hul soek die hele wereld vol. Hy wil graag jou man se CV sien. Kan jy dit asb vir ons stuur.

Claudine Nel said...

Hi Ani, dankie dit sal great wees - waar werk jou man? Ook sal jy vir my jou email adres stuur want ek kan jou nie kontak deur blogger nie. My email adres is claudinenel@gmail.com.