Wednesday, 17 March 2010

My not so latest hobby

I've sold my first cake!!  It came out beautiful though not perfect but much better than my previous efforts.

Let me show you my transition from total amateur to semi-amateur - this Mardi Gras cake was for Mieke's 7th birthday and my first effort as you can see!!!

Then came the fairy castle cake for Silke's 3rd Birthday - this was better and quite cute but still looks a bit wobbly.  The fairies I made from Femo clay so they weren't edible.

Then for Mieke's birthday I made the popcorn cake which was really simple and therefore a great success.

We had a halloween party as well so I made this cake, which the kids loved but still lacks the professional touch!  I'm also glad no one asked to eat the witch as it was made from icing mixed with denture cream!!!

My most recent and best effort - I think!!  Hope the birthday girl loved it too.

I still struggle a bit with putting the icing over the cake properly - its nerve wrecking as I can't get it too not wrinkle and tear and it still cracks a it.  But as soon as you start placing your decorations it looks better.  I learnt to make the roses and ribbon online and just used cutters for the rest.  Decorating this cake took about 4 hours.  Must say its my favourite so far and I can't wait for my next project!!  Which is Silke's cake for her 4th birthday.  No sure what its going to be yet but probably something similar to the above.

Otherwise things are looking up!!  Getting warmer - today at one point it was 16 C and the sun was shining and the people were smiling!  We are going to London this weekend to celebrate hubby's birthday one week early and staying over free at the Marrriot on his points he collects.  We are going a bit mad and I booked a movie, duck tours and sunday lunch.

On Sunday it was Mother's Day here in the UK and Mieke made me a lovely card in which Silke wrote her name beautifully (my baby girl is growing up!).  The also got me an orchid and some choccies and Werner cooked lunch with the help of M&S while if folded the laundry (well you can't have everything). 

Oh and Silke calls a dried apricot a paperclip or a papercut - whichever gets me to apricot faster.  This might be amusing if she wasn't going to school in September!  Oh yes she got into Pewley which I am very happy about but I don't know why as we might be moving to Australia.  What to do, what to do...

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Yolande said...

Wow, die koeke is stunning! Wonder of ek kans sien vir so iets aanpak!

En terloops, jy het seker nou al gesien dat my dogter se naam ook Mieke is :-)