Monday, 1 March 2010

How the Rabbit got his Ears - A story by Mieke Nel

In the hottest, sandiest desert in the middle of the hottest part of Egypt there lived a rabbit and one day he was walking around Egypt when he bumped into a snake who was drinking by the lake.

The snake suddenly turned round in fright but behind him and rabbit was a stinky smelly, gooy pond of horrible quick sand.  Rabbit's head got pushed in the gooy, smelly, stinky quick sand.  The snake called for help, 'oh best beloved' because snake did not have any legs.

From the snake's hissing call a row of animals paraded to the snake.  Then when everyone started helping the pulled and pulled and pulled until rabbit's head came out of the quick sand.  Before rabbit felt unhappy because his ears were as short as a Boston terrier's but now they were as long as a poodle's tail.

Everyone cheered with delight so rabbit hopped away.  So from now on oh best beloved rabbits have long ears.

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