Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Spring is in the Air - Smiles all around

Today it was 16 degrees celsius outside. Mieke insisted on wearing her summer school dress and felt a lot more comfortable than in her scratchy stockings!! Even I walked outside without my coat for the first time in months - Jay.

Last week Mieke had a friend over to play. This was part of their conversation in the car:

Mieke: 'What does your dad look like?'

Friend: 'well he has short hair. He never wears a suit to work. He always wears either his blue jumper or his green jumper. And he picks food up from the floor and eats it.'

Mieke: 'What types of food, like pizza?'

Friend: 'Yes'

Mieke: 'And like biscuits'

Friend: 'Yes'

And this went on for quite a while - hilarious, want to tell friend's mum but dare not! Still figuring out the English sense of humour - no sure if it will go down well.

Tonight I was at Mieke's school's art exhibition until nearly 9:00pm. I blame myself as I organised it for some reason. I don't really know how I get myself into these things. I used to be the class rep, now I am the class rep and PTA secretary and the organiser of the school art exhibition - luckily the last one is now over.

So when I got home both girls were still awake (obviously) and Silke crying because Daddy 'skrikked her' because apparently, as Mieke informed she pooed in the bath. And apparently she pooed a million little poo pieces in the bath. Daddy was not impressed and I was VERY HAPPY that I was not home. But unfortunately I was left to search for Silke's bottle before I could make myself some supper so we looked under the couches, under the table, behind the tv, in the dishwasher, in the kitchen cupboard, in the toy box, in the bathroom, under the bed, in the recycling bin and then eventually in the dustbin. Where it was. Of course, why did I not look there before.

Tomorrow its to school with Mieke, to pre-school with Silke, home for 3 hours where I will try to clean all the things gathered under the couch as Werner pointed them out to me today, then fetch Silke, beg her to eat her scrambled eggs and toast, off to Gymnastics Factory with Silke, hanging around until 4:00pm for Mieke to finish chior then back to Gymnastics Factory for Mieke at five pm while Silke harrasses her guys (other kids waiting for their siblings - includes girls and boys), home at 6:30pm by which time I feel like I've been to Gymnastics Factory.

On Thursday Mieke needs to be dressed up as an evacuee from the World War complete with old suitcase and gas mask box?! around her neck, and on Friday its coffee morning at the school and Blue Class's cake sale which involves me standing behind a table with seven cakes (my dear Blue Class's contribution) trying to divide it between 180 kids each clutching 20p who are demanding cakes while I am trying to keep an eye on Silke who is probably trying to climb a tree but I don't know cause I can't see her.

At least I'm not bored....

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