Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Duvet Day Today

Yesterday was such a busy day. It was Mieke's school play - she is the angel on the right - in the play called 'The Donkey Seller'. She said her words beautifully and looked gorgeous.

At the play Silke started feeling very hot and fell asleep in our arms. I took them home then went back to town to have Mieke measured to see what size violin she would need as she will be starting lessons in January. The we bought some other stuff and raced to Kumon, she did her worksheet in 9 minutes without making one mistake!

But she was exhausted after a busy day and also had a fever. So today all three of us are at home having a duvet day!! Although I am busy with school stuff etc. it was nice not having to go out in the cold.... we are really having a freezing winter this year.
We are having such a hectic time with school plays, christmas fairs and parties and lots of visits to Santa!! Which should be fun but by now I've had enough and just want to lie in a warm dark place with my eyes closed.

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