Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Surrey County Show & picnic in the countryside

Yelloh Summer!!
We have been having some beautiful days so we have been finding nice places to picnic - this was at a little lake at Loseley Park - lots of ducks and fish and white people - I mean very fair skinned people either laying about turning red or with backpacks assertively walking somewhere. But overall still nice and quiet and empty.
We also went to our neighbours two year old girls birthday party which the girls enjoyed and also the Surrey County Show which reminded me to never book and pay for anything which will take place outdoors here - especially not on a bank holiday! It rained, it poured, the wind blew our umbrellas inside out... and just as we exited the refreshments tent where we sat just to get out of the torrential rain, someone said 'Looks like its clearing up' (NOT). Well it was funny on the day...
But we saw pigs and cows and a huge bull and some sheep and Mieke had her face painted like a tiger (quite impressive) and we watched a Punch and Judy Show (oh that's what a Punch and Judy Show is). Anyway - great fun. Well would've been on any other day....

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