Wednesday, 18 June 2008

A great Day Out with the kids in London

Why is it called a 'DAY OUT'?
Days Out are like an institution here - its something you plan beforehand with great detail and then it normally rains on the day.
So our days out are planned on the day depending on the weather (we are getting a bit smarter with time).
The other day we went to London again, we enjoy just getting off the train and Waterloo and then wandering up the South Bank. There's a merry go round, play ground and lots of mime artists and musicians which entertain the girls (and us). And its beside the river so there are also boats to look at.
Then we went to the London Borough Market which is a huge food market with anything you can think of - its busy but wonderful - fruit, veg, the weirdest mushrooms, fresh fish and meat, wine, beer, bread, cakes and lots of places making sandwiches and take away food. We bought some baklava and strawberries and bought rolls with lamb and mint for lunch. Then we walked across a bridge (which we later realized is the Millenium Bridge) and then stumbled across St Pauls Cathedral. Cool...
A really great day out!!

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