Sunday, 22 January 2012

Baby Baby Baby Baby

I'm obsessed... with everything baby.  And it really isn't my fault because as babies do Anouk just took over my whole life.  So 95% of my time I'm feeding, carrying, changing, dressing, bathing, singing to, playing with my baby.  In the morning I love it, in the evening dare I say it,  I hate it as it's exhausting.  But then we start all over again and it's love at first sight.

Luckily my two big girls absolutely adore their new baby sister.  Mieke likes teaching her new tricks like standing at 2 months.

Anouk is also smiling lots and laughed the first time last week.  Here she is chuckling at Mieke doing Michael Jackson moves on the Wii.

She's also keen on learning how to play the Wii.

Look at those fat little legs!  When I last weighed her at 2 months she was at the 90 percentile and weighed 5.8 kilos which is nearly double her birth weight.  Isn't it amazing that I did that, I'm feeding her fat!  I struggle a bit in the heat as it was 35 degrees in Melbourne today and I hate water and have to remind myself to drink a lot.  So sometimes there isn't enough milk and she moans a bit and sometimes it's just too hot and sticky and she doesn't want to drink.  But I don't worry too much as I know she's doing well and enjoys her melkie a lot!

I also moved her into her cot this week because she was getting a bit big for her bassinette - she seems to like it as she can see out of it.  Also when she wakes she looks at her mobile for a bit or spend some time sucking her hand before she yells for me which is nice.

She loves her bath, but really hates to get out and get dressed which makes life a bit difficult.

 But even though she's a sensitive little soul who burst into tears at the sight of bubbles or when she has to have her nappy changed or when she poos or ... or ... she is just adorable when she smiles at me in the morning and kick her little legs in the bath and cuddles up to me and I feel her soft hair against my face.  There is nothing as absolutely yummy as a baby!

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