Thursday, 29 September 2011

The honeymoon has started....

We moved into our rental mid September and even though we've had all sorts of hassles (broken beds, etc.) we are just enjoying it here soooo much.

Mieke went to school, made a best friend called Piper and has loved it ever since.  The school seems great - she's learning Japanese, is in the top groups for most subjects but still gets challenged by things - she's had to do a Powerpoint Presentation for the first time.  She is going on a school camp to Beechworth next month, after her birthday Pamper Party on the 15th October - she had no problems finding friends to invite which is great.

Silke my baby is still struggling a bit making friends at her kindy, but she still loves going and I'm very glad I kept her back as next her they will all be new kids at school.

They spend all their free time in the park next to our house, or at their new friends' houses - we've got two sets of neighbours both with two girls - how cool is that!

Otherwise we are very busy weekends still sorting out the house (so far we've bought 2 cars, tv cabinet, tv, 3 bar stools, washing machine, fridge / freezer, sandwich maker and storage shelving!!) but we've also been to Brighton beach, Healesville Animal Sanctuary, Melbourne Museum, Victoria Market, Warrandyte, the Dandenong Ranges incl. Olinda and afternoon tea at Skyhigh, as well as twice to the drive in and a few times to the cinema.  I think we better slow down as we've only been here for 3 months!!

So we're having a great time and enjoying Melbourne, discovering more each day.

But for now I've got to go as this baby seems to want to stretch herself out of my tummy, so I think I better go lie down so she'll have a bit more space!!

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