Monday, 16 August 2010

Last Days and New Beginnings

I know I used this title on facebook (well if you didn't know now you do), but here are a few photos of my girls - Mieke's celebration day in her last few days of 3MG at Holy Trinity and Silke having fun and getting her 'Diploma' at preschool.   They are growing up so very quickly.


Silke who a week ago would not sit still for a second, is now colouring whole pictures inside the lines and actually using different colours!!  I was really worried about her not recognising some numbers and getting them mixed up (3 and 5) so I started Kumon and she is a star.  Does it every day and I discovered that even though she still mixes up 3 and 5 she has a really good pencil grip and is excellent at writing the numbers.  If she can remember what to write... but all in good time.  And so while many parents might think I'm nuts letting her do Kumon at age 4 at least I feel better that she is not the dufus I thought she was (sorry honey!!)

My girls' last ballet lessons for the year - Silke loves it but doesn't always do what she's supposed to and Mieke is still a bit shy and needs to gain some confidence.

We bought Silke's school uniform and she looks so BIG doesn't she?  But the uniform was removed promptly as apparently its 'uncomfortable'.  Hope it starts feeling comfy quite soon.


What a cutie - here's hoping her teacher finds her as irresistable as I do!!!

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