Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Some more Italy

It was only last month, but time got in the way and now it seems years ago...

After our 1,5 weeks at Il Tesoro, we packed up and drove 2 hours to Gabbice Monte, where we stayed at Hotel Posillipo.  This was a gorgeous surprise, on a hilltop, away from the action of the busy seaside resort of Gabicce Mare, a gorgeous hotel with amazing sea views from the room, restaurant, swimming pool...

The kids gave the sparkling pool one look and that was it - we spent the afternoon there annoying the adult guests who where looking longingly at the water but would rather endure the heat than take the plunge in the refreshing (i.e. chilly) pool.  Big Sissies I can say as I did take the plunge one day and swam with them and it was lovely.

We also spent a lot of time at the beach in Gabbice Mare - imagine playground, buckets and spades, umbrellas and sunbeds all on your stretch of beach - lovely!!  The kids spent hours hunting for clams and hermit crabs.  Breakfast at the hotel consisted of watermelon, kiwi, hot chocolate and cake (mostly) and on our little mountain was the best restaurant ever.  Imagine the most beautiful sea views while eating gnocchi with clams and prawns and drinking the local wine - yummy.  We should have spent more time here but it was really expensive staying in a hotel as we had to eat out the whole time, but it was magnificent.

Well that was our holiday in Italy, amazing but too long ago.  Where can we go next!!!

Otherwise I had I had a crappy Tuesday the 13th!!  It was Silke's sports day at pre-school and she didn't win a medal, which was a huge thing to her.  Only the biggest much older girl in her group won all the medals.  So my heart broke and my child cried and I crapped out the teachers.  Well sorry, I'm a mom I have to be protective of my little chick!!  But then I held my South African friend's newborn baby boy and it was so nice. 

And then when I fetched Mieke from a friend's house she told me that her teacher told her that she was so proud of her as she was doing so well!!  And she wrote the best piece ever about what she did yesterday at Fluffy Monday - so good in fact that her teacher showed it to the teacher who taught them on Fluffy about a certain artist and where he was from and the way he painted.  And she was also very impressed.  And Mieke got 3 stamps at school.  And that is one of the reasons why I love my blog because I can brag unashamedly!!!!

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